Telephone Tech Support for MistAway

Telephone Tech Support is priced for advice in the resolution of a single issue.

Support purchases are limited to the resolution of a single issue not exceeding 60 minutes of cumulative call time. Multiple calls are OK as the customer and support staff work out the problem.  Support purchases expire in  30 calendar days regardless if the customer has called and/or followed up on suggestions/assignments or not.  This allows for multiple calls in a reasonable time frame regarding the issue until it is resolved.  In this way the customer may complete tech suggestions offline and observe the system performance over several days if needed.  Customer is responsible for completing the work as suggested in a timely fashion and the purchase of any parts that may be required.

We can not guarantee a problem resolution however we make a good faith effort in assisting the solving of each issue. Suggested parts purchases may not fix the problem with absolute certainty and the possibility exists that more than one part will need to be replaced.  Once new parts are installed they are not returnable.  Sometimes we have loaner parts to lend for troubleshooting purposes.