MistAway® Slimline Nozzle Internal Filters

Individual nozzle-tip filters -- GONE FOREVER
Replace with the greatly improved and centrally located "Nozzle System Filter"

MistAway Tankless Gen III, Gen III+  Nozzle Circuit Filter

MistAway Gen 1.3  Nozzle Circuit Filter

The New NOZZLE CIRCUIT FILTER is better at filtration, saves a ton of time & plenty of money

The new system centralizes filtration AND reduces filter maintenance to a quick annual swap of the filter element.

Most importantly, it allows the nozzles to produce the best and most effective mist plume without the performance drop as with the old filters.

---------------------------------------- old ---------------------------

Slimline Nozzle Filters, pack of 100 repair filters used for MistAway nozzle rebuild.

If you've had your system installed for a while and you notice the Slimline nozzles are not misting a high quality mist pattern,  or continue spraying after cycle stops just unscrew them and change the filter and ball-springs!   It's that easy!

Or instead, just buy new replacement nozzle tips here, unscrew the old and replace with new, finger tight, no tools needed.