Replacement MistAway Remote Transmitter

MistAway Remote Transmitter replacement part.  Works with: 
Gen III+ (Gen 3- Plus) Systems shipped PRIOR to mid-July 2017 If your system shipped after this buy the "advanced" remote instead.
Gen III Systems released prior to Gen III+ (all)
Gen II  (all)
Gen 1.3 (some)  Use this remote with all Gen 1.3 that ARE NOT iMist2 Ready (July 2017).
Since July 2017 the Gen 1.3 system may be purchased iMist2 ready or NOT iMist2 ready.  This means if you have a Gen 1.3 shipped AFTER mid-July 2017, you must determine if yours is standard or iMist2 Ready. Please refer to the photos above. If yours is iMist2 ready buy this "advanced" remote instead 
Gen 1.2 (all) 

Determining if your system is a Gen III or Gen III+
Identical in appearance, they can be distinguished by checking the software. 

To determine follow these steps: Unplug the unit, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in while observing the sequence of screens in the display as the unit boots.

Gen III will show:


But the Gen III+ will show:



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