Nozzle Circuit Filter Kit - Gen 3+ (tankless)

This retrofit kit fits tankless (Gen3+) MistAway systems and includes a safety pressure relief valve.

This filter expects 2015 or newer nozzle tips (see below) without the tip filter installed.

This NOZZLE CIRCUIT FILTER actually filters better than Tip Filters!
It is much easier!
It is less money!
It dramatically speeds filter maintenance!

This filter is used instead of individual filters in each nozzle and the 1/4" inline filter. How FANTASTIC is that?  No more taking nozzles apart to change clogged filters!  Annual changing of one inexpensive central filter located at the system unit is all that's required.

Includes the filter housing and a replaceable element.  It hangs on the side of your MistAway Gen III+ with the system's output connected to the filter's "IN" port and the filter's "OUT" port is connected to your nozzle circuit. 

We recommend replacing the filter element annually.  Possibly more frequently in certain areas, depending on local water characteristics.

** This kit fits all MistAway Gen 3 and Gen 3+ systems **

With this Nozzle Circuit Filter use the newer MistAway dual-chamber nozzles (shipped since 2015).   If you already have 2015 or newer nozzles remove the filter but leave the spring/ball where it is (in the other chamber.) Currently shipping nozzles DO NOT include individual filters and expect the use of a Nozzle Circuit Filter. 

Buy the new style nozzle tips (here.) New tips (and nozzles) are shipped WITHOUT filters to work optimally with the new filtration scheme.

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