MistAway Slimline Straight Nozzle (5-Pack)

MistAway® Slimline Straight Nozzle (5-Pack)

NOTE: MistAway has changed their filtration scheme.  Slimline nozzles no longer come with internal filters but may be added just like before, but they are no longer included in individual nozzles. A NOZZLE CIRCUIT FILTER is now recommended for filtration.  

To get one of these new filters go here:
Gen 1.3 nozzle circuit filter
Gen III+ nozzle circuit filter

What is it used for?

MistAway Straight Nozzles are used to create a misting plume.  Also available in angle

How do I use it?

Push the nozzle firmly into a tee, elbow or coupling.  Space nozzles at about 10-foot intervals considering aesthetics and mounting opportunities. 

Where is it Used?

Straight nozzle will always point the same direction unlike the angle nozzle that might turn.  For example: Consider when the fitting opening is open horizontally, like an elbow mounted on a tree.  Inserting a straight nozzle will result in a horizontal nozzle that will always be pointing level.  Contrast that with an angle nozzle in the same fitting hole.  The angle nozzle could be swung around pointing down toward the ground (not so good) or up toward the sky (good).  Ultimately it is up to the installer which nozzle to use, straight or angle. 

Tell me more...

MistAway nozzles are vortex pinned -- produces cone shaped swirling vortex output and have:

  • body that unscrews to reveal internal parts
  • integral replaceable filters
  • integral replaceable viton plunger spring/ball-valve
  • replacement parts here
You receive:

Five (5) Slimline STRAIGHT nozzles including internals (authentic MistAway, not cheap copy-cat)