MistAway Replacement Slimline Nozzle Tip (5-Pack)


GOOD NEWS -- MistAway has removed filters from their nozzles and nozzle tips!
These are the same new and improved two-chamber tips that have been shipping since 2015 and they no longer contain filters.

Pair these tips with the NEW FILTER SYSTEM.  The new filtration system will save you tons of time and effort!  No more replacing nozzle tip filters! For the new Nozzle Circuit Filter go here: Gen 1.3 nozzle circuit filter OR Gen III+ nozzle circuit filter

These MistAway Nozzle Tips (slimline style)  are a replacement tip for either the straight or angle nozzles.  

This is a pack of five (5) AUTHENTIC replacement tips of MistAway's new improved nozzle design. We have seen fakes on eBay, these are the real thing.  MistAway SKU 10195.  This means they produce the correct droplet size for drift (not too much / not too little) resulting in maximum mosquito killing.

The new tips perform better.  Their internal components are somewhat different, yet still use the same filter and ball-valve (spring/ball) consumable parts as the pre-2015 design.

They no longer come with internal filters, but you can still put them inside yourself.  It is predicted that all owners will upgrade to the new improved filtration system to save themselves time and money.