MistAway Slimline Angle Nozzle (EACH)

MistAway Slimline Angle Nozzle  

This is MistAway's NEW IMPROVED Slimline Nozzle.

NOTE: MistAway has changed their filtration scheme.  Slimline nozzles no longer come with internal filters but may be added just like before, but they are no longer included in individual nozzles. A NOZZLE CIRCUIT FILTER is now recommended for filtration. 
For the new filter go here: 
Gen 1.3 nozzle circuit filter
Gen III+ nozzle circuit filter

Nozzles push into a fittings (tees, elbows & couplings)  You can get the MistAway fittings you need here.

What you receive:

ONE Slimline ANGLE nozzles
(MistAway number 20048 - one only )

Looking for straight nozzles?.