MistAway Slimline Angle Nozzle (10-Pack)

MistAway Slimline Angle Nozzle (10-Pack)

MistAway Slimline Angle Nozzle (10-Pack)  Available as a straight nozzle too.
We only sell MistAway's NEW IMPROVED Slimline Nozzle design ("MistAway S") that may be used with or without filters depending on your choice of filtration methods.

What you receive:

TEN (10) Slimline ANGLE nozzles (authentic MistAway part number 20048). These are the newest and latest nozzles from MistAway.

NOTE: MistAway has changed their filtration scheme.  Slimline nozzles no longer come with internal filters but may be added just like before, but they are no longer included in individual nozzles. A NOZZLE CIRCUIT FILTER is now recommended for filtration.  

For the new filter go here:
Gen 1.3 nozzle circuit filter
Gen III+ nozzle circuit filter

Nozzles push into a fittings (tees, elbows & couplings)  Buy  them here - You can get the MistAway fittings you need here.