MistAway Repair Part - System Pressure Gauge

MistAway Repair Part is a replacement MistAway System Pressure Gauge.  This is a replacement pressure gauge kit.  If your gauge does not read "0" when the system is off and depressurized, use this gauge to repair your system.  Set your MistAway system pressure to 250 psi for optimum results.   Setting your system pressure over 250 psi will void your system's warranty and prematurely wear out the system pump. 

The use of teflon tape is recommended

(Very old systems require adapter rings, which are included.)

MistAway Gen 1.3  both 55 gallon and 125 gallon systems
MistAway Gen III and III+
Plus many older systems, if in doubt, call us and we will check on it for you.

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