MistAway Repair Part - Gen 3 Flow Meter Assembly Replacement

Authentic BRASS MistAway Repair Part
Gen 3 Flow Meter Assembly Replacement
SKU: 10986

Direct replacement for the MistAway BRASS flow meter.

IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from the older GRAY PLASTIC flow meter to this improved brass flow meter assembly -- it is NOT an even swap -- connectivity pins are different so your controller will need upgrading. Also the because the pins are different you will need the updated wiring harness.  When MistAway opens your controller there is a slight possibility additional  components inside your controller may need updating. The GRAY PLASTIC flow meter is out of production and they are no longer inventoried at MistAway or Greenville Mosquito Inc.  Please call for details to change over to the brass flowmeter. 

sold individually, electronic item, no returns