MistAway 15" Riser Nozzle Kit (single)

MistAway Misting System Nozzle Risers 15" / disperses mist about 17.5" above tubing height. 

sku: 50500   (1 only)

A beautiful piece of MistAway® engineering, the 15 inch MistAway® riser kit is used to place nozzles where there is nothing else nearby to attach a nozzle, such as between bushes or in a landscape's mulch bed. They are also used if a structure mount is off limits.

Not only do these sturdy misting risers work great, they virtually disappear into the landscaping.  The copper tube picks up a patina and becomes part of the landscape.

The dual position stabilizer allows you to install with the tee below ground or at ground level. Installing in the upper position is most common and results in a higher nozzle hight.  The upper position is quicker to install and also allows visual inspection of the tubing connection after installation. Using the below ground position results in a lower nozzle height after installation and more of the stabilizer stake is hidden below ground level.

These kits are so easy and quick to install some MistAway® dealers use these riser kits almost exclusively. Risers result in precise nozzle placement.  MistAway® risers come in both 15 and 30 inch heights.  After installation tubing length is interchangeable, just insert a different hight tube.


You receive:

  • 1 - MistAway® Slimline ANGLE Nozzle
  • 1 - 1/4" push-connect COUPLING
  • 1 - 1/4" push-connect TEE
  • 1 - DUAL POSITION RISER STABILIZER (allows you to keep tubing connection either above or below ground)

Available in 30" length too.