MistAway Metal Plug 1/4" (10 pk)

MistAway Metal Plug 1/4" (10 pk) -- used to securely close a fitting opening. 

This is the new plug design.  It is made out of nickel-plated brass for extra durability.  This plug replaces the plastic model.  Much better durability and usability are what make this model so much better.   Because it can be reliably reused, there is no worry about failure. The last thing anyone needs is a failed plug.  We welcome the improvement!

Another great thing about these new plugs is that they are much easier to remove.

How do I use it?

Press the Plug firmly into the fitting.

Where is it Used?

Plugs may be used at the end of a run.  Simply plug it into the remaining opening in the last tee.   It can also be used in place of a nozzle and allowing your system operational.  

Size Information


sku 10265

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