MistAway Gen III+ "BIG TUBE" TEE-NOZZLE Complete Kit



"WE ALSO INCLUDE The New MistAway Nozzle Circuit Filter RELEASED JULY 21, 2017 because MistAway no longer includes filters inside their nozzles.  Having this system filter is now required to prevent clogged-nozzles -- that’s why we include it in our kits. Not only is this a great value for our customers but this new filter greatly simplifies maintenance by placing one large, more efficient, central filter at the system unit instead of having individual filters in each nozzle tip.  No more individual nozzle filters to change!"

Big 3/8 tubing is more difficult to hide and less flexible than that in our our regular kits, but if that doesn't matter so much and you want the simplicity and long runs this kit offers, then this is the one for you!

With this kit you can run up to 65-70 nozzles in a straight run with 10' spacing. No need for special nozzle circuit layout considerations, as when installing that many nozzles with regular 1/4" tubing.

As with all new Gen III+ systems this is "iMist2 Ready" -- an automatic mosquito control system you can control with a smartphone over the Internet with the addition of a Gateway (not included.) It's the latest innovation from MistAway! More about iMist2 click here or just ADD A GATEWAY here

MistAway Gen 3 (Gen III+) including the
-MistAway Gen 3 Finish Kit, which is all the goodies the factory includes with every Gen III+ including: the new stronger Hand-held remote transmitter & antenna, 1 Reusable insecticide cartridge cap, 2 System Keys, water supply tubing (20 ft of 3/8) , and a water supply (hose-bib) adapter. 

50 nozzle kits Include 550 ft 3/8 Tubing and 50 3/8" Tee-Nozzles
60 nozzle kits Include 650 ft 3/8 Tubing and 60 3/8" Tee-Nozzles
70 nozzle kits Include 750 ft 3/8 Tubing and 70 3/8" Tee-Nozzles

ALL BIG TUBE KITS also come with...
2 - Tubing Cutters
1 - Tubing Release Tool
1 - Reusable 1 gallon concentrate bottle (holds 2 normal doses)
1 - Brass Hose Bib Splitter so you don't have to give up your hose bib
1 - short piece of 1/4" tubing used in conversion up to the 3/8 "big tube"
200 - 3/8 tubing clamps
The misting system output fitting is 1/4" so the kit includes a 3/8 x 1/4 Reducer-plug that inserts into a 3/8" coupling to step the tubing up to 3/8" for your nozzle circuit.
At the end of the run, at your last Tee Nozzle, you'll need to bring it back to 1/4" for the 1/4" plug to end the line. The kit includes a second 3/8 x 1/4 Reducer and a 1/4" plug so the line is now terminated.
If you wish to branch off the main line with some nozzles:
Additional 3/8" Tee for each branch (click here)
Additional reducers 3/8 x 1/4 Reducers (here)
Additional 1/4” Plugs (here) for end of nozzle run.

This automatic mosquito control kit is SO EFFECTIVE and one of the easiest kits to install. You'll wonder why it took so long to get around to buying one!

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