MistAway Gen III+ 50 Riser Complete Kit

This MistAway Gen III+ 50 Riser Complete Automatic Mosquito Control Kit can have you eliminating your mosquito problem the same day it arrives! -- just add the juice!  

Gen III+ systems from MistAway are now Internet compatible by adding a Gateway.
To learn more about iMist2 Compatibility, click here
ADD A GATEWAY to enable Internet functionality

  • ONE YEAR factory warranty
  • FREE SHIPPING (same/next business day)
  • 1 MistAway Gen III+ automatic mosquito control system
  • 2 Keys for the lockable cabinet
  • 1 Hand-held remote control and system antenna. The system includes the recently released much LONGER RANGE remote! MistAway’s testing proved a 70% greater range! It gets better! The new remote has a response-light so you know your request was received. A light on the handheld transmitter lights up after a button is pressed to let the user know the unit received the remote signal. No more pressing the remote over and over until nozzles begin misting!
  • For water connection
    • 20 feet of 3/8" tubing (water supply)
    • high quality hose to 3/8" tubing adapter
  • 600 feet of Tubing
  • 50 Risers
  • 5 Tees
  • 5 Plugs
  • 2 Tubing Cutter
  • 1 Tubing Release Tool
  • 1 Reusable insecticide cartridge cap
  • 1 Reusable empty one-gallon bottle
  • 1 Hose Bib "Y" adapter
  • Highly Recommended: Buy a NOZZLE CIRCUIT FILTER with your new system.

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Optional Items
Internet Gateway
Wind Sensor
Second Zone