MistAway Gen III+ 30 Riser Complete Kit

MistAway Gen III+ with 30 Risers and the tubing and tools needed for a  Complete Automatic Mosquito Control Kit.  Just push risers into the ground, then push-connect the tubing into the risers. That is EASY!  Expand later by simply adding additional risers or regular nozzles.  

This Gen III+ system from MistAway is Internet ready. ADD A GATEWAY to enable the Internet functionality

  • TANKLESS MistAway® Gen III+ misting unit including MistAway's easy digital controller. 
  • Like all their systems the MistAway Gen III PLUS is built to last.  Components and workmanship are highest quality giving you the ultimate in reliability and dependability.
  • Up to 24 daily mist cycles shows the adaptability of this system. 
  • Siphon and leak protection are standard
  • Lockable case thwarts mischief before it happens
  • Select days of operation or run everyday
  • Customize misting duration for each cycle if desired
  • Change the water/insecticide ratio at will.  This allows  reduction of insecticide consumption to the lowest effective level, which can save you money!  
  • Leak detection and has other niceties like a red indicator light.  Blinking red means the system is operating but if you see continuous blinking there is an issue that needs attention.  Error is shown on the controller’s display making trouble resolution easy.  
  • The integral automatic agitation system incorporated by the MistAway Gen III+ automatic mosquito control system ensures consistent insecticide strength resulting in consistent results. 

ONE YEAR factory warranty on all equipment!

  • FREE SHIPPING (ships same or next business day, depending on order time of day)
  • 1 iMist2 Ready MistAway Gen III+
  • 2 Keys for the lockable cabinet
  • 1 Hand-held remote control and system antenna. This is the recently released much LONGER RANGE remote! MistAway’s testing proved a 70% greater range! It now has a response-light so you know your request was received. No more pressing the remote over and over until nozzles begin misting!
  • For water connection, 20 feet of 3/8" tubing
  • Includes a high quality hose to 3/8" tubing adapter
  • Brass hose-bib "Y" connector (continue to use your hose outlet)
  • 500 feet of Tubing
  • 30 Risers (each riser includes a stake, tee, copper tube, coupling and a nozzle)
  • 3 Tees
  • 3 Plugs
  • 1 Tubing Cutter
  • 1 Tubing Release Tool
  • 1 Reusable insecticide cartridge cap
  • 1 Reusable empty one-gallon bottle
  • 1 Hose Bib "Y" adapter
  • Highly Recommended: Buy a NOZZLE CIRCUIT FILTER with your new system.

Enjoy more with an automatic mosquito control system; stop changing plans because of an annoying bloodsucking bug. You'll be glad you bought one!

Optional Items
Wind Sensor