MistAway Gen 3 -10 Nozzle Complete Kit

The MistAway Gen 3, 10 Nozzle Complete Kit is the famous TANKLESS  Misting System.  This is the SAME unit sold in our other Gen III+ kits, only with fewer nozzles, etc.  We make it easy to buy this starter system now, expand later.  We still give you FREE SHIPPING and it goes out same or next day! Most customers receive their systems in 1-3 business days.


MistAway Gen 3+ Misting System
FREE Quick shipping

This iMIST READY Gen III+ complete 10 Nozzle Kit supports iMist2, so you can control and monitor your system with your smartphone!  To take advantage of this functionality:

  1. Add an Internet Gateway*.  The Gateway plugs into an open port on your router or switch (hub.).  Once you receive your order let us know.  We need some unique information off your system to make the Internet connection work.  

  2. This misting system already has the necessary equipment to communicate with the Gateway wirelessly.  You simply set the controller to take advantage of this functionality (instructions included.) 

  3. Your misting system communicates wirelessly with the Gateway.  The Gateway communicates with the Internet.  You control your misting system with your smartphone!

    *After the first 12 months there is a nominal subscription service charge.

Advantages of "iMist2 Ready" Gen III+ Systems 

  1. MONITOR AND CONTROL your misting system with your smartphone (iPhone and Android) with a subscribed gateway.

  2. ADVANCED HAND-HELD REMOTE!  The new remote has a response-light so you know your request was received by the system. A light on the handheld transmitter lights up after a button is pressed to let the user know the unit received the remote signal. No more pressing the remote over and over until nozzles begin misting!  ALSO this advanced remote is much STRONGER! MistAway’s own testing proved a 70% greater range!

More about iMist2 click here.

INCLUDES The NEW FILTRATION SYSTEM New MistAway System FilterRELEASED JULY 21, 2017  This new filter greatly simplifies maintenance.  With this update MistAway is only selling nozzles WITHOUT filters, thus, having this system filter is now required to prevent clogged-nozzles.  No more individual nozzle filters to change!  

INCLIDES 1 FREE Hose Bib "Y" adapter
INCLUDES1 FREE Reusable empty one-gallon bottle (doubles refill capacity)
200 feet of MistAway Misting System Tubing. 
10 Nozzles
11 Tees, one for each nozzle, plus one
1 elbow
1 coupling
1 Plug to plug the end of the nozzle circuit
1 Hand-held remote transmitter & antenna
1 Reusable insecticide cartridge cap
2 System Keys for the Lockable Enclosure
1 Tubing Release Tool
1 Tubing Cutter
100 Dynaclamps

BUY additional MistAway Fittings HERE in case you need a few more

Everything needed for a typical 10 nozzle Gen 3 (Gen III+) installation except your choice of cocentrate.  This is the same tankless MistAway "Gen 3 Plus" system as in other kits, only with fewer fittings and nozzles to save you money.  An excellent way to start!  Protect a small area this year, add more nozzles to protect your entire yard later.

Yes, this system kills mosquitoes that carry the Zika Virus, West Nile Virus and the others!

Imagine no more pesky mosquitoes.  Also kills 100 other biting insects including fleas, and ticks.

Enjoy your patio, porch or other area whenever you wish day or night -- without running indoors.


MistAway's tankless "Gen 3 Plus" (Gen III+) mosquito system saves you from those persistent, painful blood sucking biting insects.  No comparison to "mosquito traps" which are only moderately effective and expensive to operate. 

Expand your system by simply adding more nozzles. 

A full year factory warranty -- we are an authorized MistAway dealer. 

Buy this kit today and let the MistAway Gen 3 Plus tankless misting system kill your mosquito problem dead.

Leak detection is standard on this system.
System indicator light shows when operating, or trouble.
Errors are readable on the display for quick resolution.
Agitation cycles are automatic ensuring misting solution remains consistent strength each misting for the entire season.

Buy this 10 Nozzle MistAway Gen III+ Misting System today and it will be on its way within one business day!  Be part of the revolution -- take back your yard too!

Wind Sensor
Second Zone
Antenna Extension

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