MistAway Gen 1.3 WITH Agitation Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your Gen 1.2 to a MistAway Gen 1.3 WITH Agitation -- using this upgrade kit.

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It will convert a Gen 1.2 unit into a Gen 1.3 WITH Agitation with everything you need to completely convert EXCEPT FOR THE PUMP/MOTOR ASSEMBLY, DRUM, AND REMOTE TRANSMITTER -- they all stay the same.  (It includes remote receiver, but not remote transmitter)

Simply remove the pump/motor assembly from the existing unit and bolt it onto the chassis provided.  Then mount the chassis onto the new drum lid, which is included

Kit includes:
Gen 1.3 controller
Drum Lid
Waterproof cover
Agitation Line and Eductor
Suction line and filter
Auto Drain valve and line
Assembly hardware
Startup Card and Operating Manual

sold individually, special order Item, ships direct from factory, no returns

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