MistAway Gen 1.3 Leak Protection

Gen 1.3 - Leak Detection Kit (Brass)
SKU: 22090

Requires your nozzle circuit to have a minimum of 20 nozzles for this option.

Why take the chance of up to 55 gallons pumping out onto your lawn? This option will prevent your Gen 1.3 from operating with an unexpected break/leak in your nozzle circuit. This option can pay for itself.

ALL Gen 1.3 systems already include siphon protection, this is for protection against loosing fluid if the unit cycles when there is a leak/break in the circuit tubing.

Unfortunately leaks can happen.  Maybe a squirrel, maybe a WeedEater, who knows.  With this option a leak turns into a non-event.

AVAILABLE AT TIME OF GEN 1.3 SYSTEM PURCHASE and will be installed at the factory for you -- and will NOT slow down your shipment.

Special order item if not included with a system order, no returns, allow an extra 3-14 days if ordered separately without a system. No Returns
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