MistAway DIY Gen 1.3 Complete 30 Nozzle Kit

30 Nozzle MistAway DIY Gen 1.3 Misting System 

MistAway Gen 1.3 Misting System -- complete 30 nozzle  kit -- Install your system as soon as it arrives!  We ship them same or next business day, depending on time of ordering.  

See the Internet iMist Ready version

We Gen 1.3 include the agitation feature which agitates the solution prior to every misting and a once daily extended agitation.  This keeps your solution consistent for optimum results.  Avoid systems without this feature (even Gen 1.3's) if you want day after day consistent results.  

Siphon protection included, which ensures the contents of the drum will NOT siphon out all over your lawn in the event of a broken nozzle circuit so it can prevent a mess and save you money. 

This 30 nozzle DIY MistAway kit includes:
- MistAway Gen 1.3 misting system
- MistAway Agitation sub-system and siphon protection
- Online access to setup help
- Online access to the Gen 1.3 troubleshooting guide
- 1 Hand-held remote 

INCLUDES The NEW FILTRATION SYSTEM New MistAway System FilterRELEASED JULY 21, 2017  This new filter greatly simplifies maintenance.  With this update MistAway is only selling nozzles WITHOUT filters, thus, having this system filter is now required to prevent clogged-nozzles.  No more individual nozzle filters to change!  

- 400' roll of Tubing
- 33 Tees (each nozzle gets a tee plus 3 more)
- 30 Authentic MistAway Nozzles
-   3 Elbows
-   3 Couplings
-   3 Plugs
- 100 Dynaclamps
-   1 Tube Cutter 
-   1 Tubing Release Tool

If you nedd extra, BUY MORE FITTINGS HERE

Other advantages of this MistAway Gen 1.3:
Remote includes the very useful "Skip-Next-Mist" function
Heavy duty 1/2 HP motor
Heavy duty brass pump
"Auto Everyday" mode
"Auto Custom" mode (certain days only)
"Remote Only" mode (mist only when remote is pressed)
Selectable individual mist durations, i.e., morning & evening cycles durations need not be same length
Easy to use controller
Easy to read quantity indicator
No problematic floating float switches seen in competing systems

MistAway uses a super-capacitor system for greater power outage and power-off memory retention reliability. Competing systems rely on battery backup and a dead battery system will require re-programing with every power blip/outage.  Our system's memory is unaffected by power blips or outages.

Authorized MistAway Dealer, ONE YEAR WARRANTY

Buy Optional leak protection here for the Gen 1.3 This is money well spent.  In the event of a broken nozzle circuit the system will detect the leak shut down the system. 


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