MistAway DIY Gen 1.3 Complete 20 Nozzle Kit

Ten reasons you'll be better off with a MistAway system (click here)

MistAway 20 Nozzle Gen 1.3 Misting System kit -- everything you need to get your system running the same day it arrives, just add your choice of concentrate.  You'll notice a difference the first time you mist. 

TAKE BACK YOUR YARD!  This is the workhorse of the industry, the reason EVERYONE wants a misting system.  Help End Zika Virus! This is the one that set the standard, the one competitors try to copy. Excellent features like siphon control, no-battery power outage memory for all your settings. Buy one now, and it ships quick, same or next business day!  

     This Kit Includes:
    - MistAway Gen 1.3 misting system 
    - FREE SHIPPING  (SHIPS WITHIN 1 Business Day)
    - FREE online tech self-help
    - 1 Hand-held remote (NEW LONGER RANGE "ADVANCED" REMOTE)
    - 20 Nozzles
    - 22 Tees (1 for each nozzle +2 for branching or expanding later)
    -   2 Elbows
    -   2 Couplings
    -   2 Plugs
    -   1 Tubing Release Tool  
    -   1 Tube Cutter
    - 100 Dynaclamps (tubing clamps with screws already started)
    - 450 Ft of Tubing, Color choices: Black, Cocoa, White, Tan, Gray
    Black or Cocoa tubing will be shipped if no color is requested.

    Highly Recommended: Buy a NOZZLE CIRCUIT FILTER with your new system.

    We are an Authorized MistAway Dealer
    You will get a full ONE YEAR WARRANTY

    This DIY MistAway Gen 1.3 misting system includes:
    - Built-in antenna (for remote control reception)
    - Hand held remote with "Mist Now", "Stop Mist", and "Skip Next Mist" options
    - Soft cover for weather protection
    - Lockable controller housing for security and additional protection of the controller
    - Sturdy 1/2 hp motor
    - Heavy duty brass pump (NOT plastic or composite)
    - Adjust misting duration easily for each individual misting
    - Select "Remote Only", "every day" OR Custom (by particular day(s) of week)
    - Easy to read bar graph insecticide quantity
    - Siphon protection, this prevents a siphon loss from your 55 gallon drum if your circuit is cut
    - Optional leak protection prevents operation with a leak in circuit