MistAway 30" Riser Nozzle Kit (single)

This authentic MistAway® 30" riser dispenses mist about 32.5" above tubing height. INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING

MistAway® 30 inch risers are a beautiful piece engineering by the market leader, MistAway®. Used to locate a nozzle when nothing else is handy for mounting a nozzle, such as in mulch / flower beds or between bushes or other landscaping.  Also used when an attachment surface is off limits.

These sturdy modular misting risers virtually disappear into the landscape as the copper develops a patina.

MistAway® risers come in 15 inch and 30 inch heights.  So quick and easy, plenty of MistAway® dealers almost exclusively use MistAway risers for precise nozzle placement.   

Part Number 50530 (1 only)

You receive:
1 - MistAway® Slimline ANGLE Nozzle
1 - 1/4" push-connect COUPLING
1 - 1/4" push-connect TEE
1 - DUAL POSITION RISER STABILIZER (allows you to keep tubing connection either above or below ground)