Long Run Kit

NOT needed in most installations.  This kit is substituted in place of 1/4" tubing when running a length of tubing over 25-30 feet without nozzles.

Anytime your 1/4" tubing circuit runs 25-30 ft or more WITHOUT nozzles bump it up to 3/8" tubing to avoid a big pressure loss (from friction) in that tiny tubing. Maintaining pressure is important to get the best misting plumes from the nozzles so the mist is most effective.

An example would be if your system is installed a long way from the nozzle circuit, possible on the other side of the house near utilities. Another would be if you needed to go around an obstacle (driveway? patio? building?) It really makes no difference if going long distances (25-30 or more feet) without nozzles the tubing needs to be the larger 3/8".

NOTE: If you have over 35 nozzles without branching or looping of the circuit -- additional necessary volume and pressure needs be supplied to the nozzle circuit in these large "straight-run" type installations.  The kit we put together for this type of situation is the BIG CIRCUIT KIT.

We offer these kits not to confuse anyone but to provide a way for you to enjoy a properly installed and performing MistAway system. Many competing misting system manufacturers sell a slew of nozzles without any regard to system layout and pressure, exceeding their own system capabilities.  Their customers then wonder why they still have mosquito problems.  If you have any questions, call us.  It's not difficult overall but there are a few guidelines to follow if the nozzle count exceeds about 35 nozzles.

This kit includes:
50, 100 or 200 feet - 3/8" tubing which you can cut to your final length requirement as needed
2 - 3/8" x 1/4" Plug reducers (one for each end)
2 - 3/8" Couplings  (one for each end)

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