iMist2 Gateway

iMist2 Gateway

Mosquito misting system connectivity gateway for your new iMist Ready MistAway system for monitoring and controlling your system with the use of your smartphone or with a desktop computer. Learn more here.

Requirements in addition to this Gateway:

  2.  We cover the annual subscription from initial connection until December 31 of this year.  Thereafter annual subscriptions come due each January first.  (current pricing here)
  3. The Gateway requires an open port on the customer's Internet router or switch to get its Internet connection.  The Gateway  communicates wirelessly with your misting system(s) in the yard - NOT using any existing wireless network(s), but its own transmission protocol.  



  • If your system is NOT compatible -- just purchase this RETROFIT KIT instead and call us for a free update (firmware flash) to your controller.
  • All new Gen III+ systems and those shipped after June 26, 2017 are compatible, buy this Gateway. If yours is older buy this RETROFIT KIT instead and call us for a firmware flash for your controller.
  • New Standard Gen 1.3 systems are NOT iMist2 ready.   Just add Gen 1.3 Leak Protection Option to your new misting system original purchase -- WE WILL UPGRADE you to the iMist Ready Gen 1.3 System. Even if you don't want the Internet functionality now, you'll have leak protection AND have the correct system in case you change your mind later. We are not aware of any other dealer offering this free upgrade.
  • Older Gen 1.3 systems are NOT iMIST2 READY, for these older MistAway systems buy Leak Protection AND the iMist2 RETROFIT kit and call us for an update for your controller firmware. You'll be controlling your system via smartphone or computer fast.
  • iMist2 Retrofit Kit includes the Gateway and the misting system components to update older Gen III+ or Gen 1.3 systems. The system's controller will also need its firmware updated -- call us. 


The Gateway sold here is used to complete the Internet connection for your misting system.  With it, your iMist2 Ready system can then be controlled AND monitored using a smartphone over the Internet.

The Nitty-Gritty: The iMist2 Gateway talks to the iMist2 Service using a physical connection via a cat 5 cable (included.)   AND the iMist2 Gateway communicates wirelessly with your iMist2 misting system in your yard.  This is why it's called a "gateway" it is the translator or gateway between two protocols.  NOTE: You must have an available port on your router/switch/hub to plug in the Gateway.

The iMist2 Service is also the service your smartphone app connects with to get the information. The iMist2 Service is responsible for storing the misting system data and also for putting the data in a format for the smartphone so you see your system's data such as the last mist, performance data etc., .

Sounds complicated, but for the customer it is easy:

  1. Connect the Gateway to an open port on your router (or hub/switch) and a wall outlet. The Cat-5 cable and power cord are included.
  2. Call us to exchange some unique Gateway information that comes with the Gateway.
  3. We will initialize and start the Service for your MistAway equipment at the same time you put your misting system in discovery mode. VOILA!

The Service makes communications with your smartphone and system possible. As your app opens and wants to display your system's information, the backend Service does all the hard work and presents it to your phone.  

So as you can see there is an entire infrastructure (the Service) behind the equipment. To keep the Service (hardware and software) operating the costs are spread out among the iMist2 users. We offer the Service for no charge until the end of the purchase calendar year, December 31. After-which it us up to the customer to subscribe at a nominal service charge.  



    "iMist2" -- the latest innovation from MistAway!