iMist Ready Gen 1.3 with Agitator (55 gal)

iMist Ready Gen 1.3 with Agitator (55 gal)

System only (with factory includes) No Nozzles, Tubing, etc.

Supports iMist2*, MistAway's Internet connected access to your misting system! If you want to take advantage of this functionality you'll still need an Internet Gateway and subscription, but this unit has everything necessary at the system unit.



  • Leak detection included
  • Custom designed digital controller exclusively for automated outdoor insect control
  • Up to 24 daily mist cycles available Independent mist duration for each cycle Specific misting days can be programmed Agitation before every mist cycle, including remote activation
  • Error codes to facilitate troubleshooting
  • Wireless remote allows user to Start on Demand, Stop and Skip scheduled mist cycles
  • Anti-Siphoning solenoid Pressure indicator
  • Programmable tank level indicator
  • Lockable control panel
  • Raised chassis mounts to multi-sized reservoirs
  • Weatherproof cover included - custom fit OPTIONS
  • Zoning for larger installations doubles the nozzle capacity
  • Wind sensor - programmable
  • Leak Detection
  • iMist2 Ready
  • INCLUDES FREE ONLINE TECH SELF-HELP & VIDEOS and Online access to the Gen 1.3 troubleshooting guide

MistAway’s Drum Based system utilizes a state-of-the-art control panel designed especially for automatic insect control. The engineered agitator allows for a consistent blend with each mist.

The three button remote allows for even more control.

The auto drain valve insures the nozzles open and close instantly, eliminating dripping and streaming.

The raised chassis mounts to multi-sized reservoirs. The large optional 125 gallon tank reduces refill frequency.

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