IcePack for 30oz Tumblers

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The patented IcePack keeps your longneck beverages exactly how you like them… COLD COLD COLD!

Using the longneck IcePack with most any* 30oz Tumbler and the optional ColdCapLid (Cold-Cap-Lid) will keep longneck after longneck at the excellent enjoyment temperature: “COLD”!

The Icepack is truly the ultimate in longneck bottled beverage enjoyment. While the Icepack alone greatly helps keep your beverage cold, it is designed to work in conjunction with a 30oz Tumbler* and the ColdCapLid. With this combination our tests showed a longneck beer would stay cold overnight, but we don’t recommend beer for breakfast :)

Eventually the patented re-usable Icepack will need to be re-frozen. Just put back in your freezer and ready for use next time.

Your beer after beer will remain cold long past expectations. In fact using a single Icepack is all that is needed while enjoying some number of beers before the need to re-freeze.  Have an IcePack ready in your freezer for each of your friends!


1 - Longneck ICEPACK only.

Buy a Cold-Cap-Lid to use with your ICE PACK here.

Buy a Tumbler to use with your ICE PACK here.

Buy a Combo including the tumbler here.


*Tested and works with Yeti, Rtic and many other Tumbler Brands.  
Here is a current list.