Ice Pack for 30 ounce Tumblers

The patented Ice Pack keeps your longneck beverages exactly how you like them… COLD COLD COLD!

Using the longneck Ice Pack with most any* 30oz Tumbler and the optional ColdCap Lid (Cold-Cap-Lid) will keep longneck after longneck at the excellent enjoyment temperature: “COLD”!

The Ice Pack is truly the ultimate in longneck bottled beverage enjoyment. While the Ice Pack alone greatly helps keep your beverage cold, it is designed to work in conjunction with a 30oz Tumbler* and the ColdCap Lid. With this combination our tests showed a longneck beer would stay cold overnight, but we don’t recommend beer for breakfast :)

Eventually the patented re-usable Ice Pack will need to be re-frozen. Just put back in your freezer and ready for use next time.

Your beer after beer will remain cold long past expectations. In fact using a single Ice Pack is all that is needed while enjoying some number of beers before the need to re-freeze.  Have another Ice Pack in your freezer ready for each of your friends!


1 - Longneck ICEPACK only.

Buy a Cold-Cap-Lid to use with your ICE PACK here.

Buy a Tumbler to use with your ICE PACK here.

Buy a Combo including the tumbler here.


*Tested and works with Yeti, Rtic and many other Tumbler Brands.  
Here is a current list.