I NEED IT FAST (quick non-stock items)

Save time receiving your SPECIAL ORDER. 

Purchasing this "I NEED IT FAST" item allows us to  ship your "special order" part(s) direct to you from the MistAway factory even though it is under our minimum order requirements.  We get charged this $30 fee but if you reimburse us we would love to save you some time getting you your part(s).  Buy as many special order parts in a single order as necessary but pay this only once.  New orders must start over. 

*** Not required for the purchasing of special order parts.
*** Is required if expediting special ordered parts, saves 3-6 days.

Normal shipping transit times apply. This covers the factory "small order" penalty. Items are shipped Normal Ground. Therefore standard shipping times from Houston TX to your location still apply. With this option you should receive your part(s) within 1-4 BUSINESS DAYS from order placement depending on your location and time of order.

This covers our "small order $30 penalty" when we ship a small order direct to a customer directly from the factory.

NOT purchasing this option we bring in the item(s) into our warehouse along with our normal stock. In this case we typically ship you the special order item(s) in 3 to 7 days. Timing is a  dependent on the timing of our normal inventory supply orders with MistAway.

Special order parts are brought into our facility along with our regular inventory.  However buying "I NEED IT FAST" allows us to cover the penalty so you receive your special order part(s) much faster.

First Overnight, Overnight and 2nd Day shipping quotes are available on any order by calling us -- expect at least $80 (small part) and more, often even more ($160 +++ ) depending on the weight and shipping distance for item being shipped overnight or second day.