Defense Distributed GG2 CNC Mill

UNRELATED TO INSTALLING A MISTAWAY MOSQUITO SYSTEM, this is simply a product we are offering for the DIY CNC milling crowd...

This is is a general purpose CNC mill, built upon a large body of open source work, grbl g-code motion control, and popular microcontrollers.  Operates as a standard CNC machine. GG2 accepts g-code from most CAM post-processors.

GG2 unibody spindles are of stainless steel construction with the ER-11 collet system integrated in the shaft. They have great radial rigidity, and precision bearing diameters.


  • GG2 CNC, 
  • 6’ USB A-B cable, 
  • 6’ NEMA 5-15/IEC C13 three prong power cable, 
  • 17mm wrench, 
  • 12mm wrench, 
  • 4mm ER11 collet (4 mm ~= 5/32”), 
  • 1/4” ER11 collet, 
  • 1/4” V31620S end mill, 
  • 5/32” 3.125”OAL drill., 
  • 3mm ball-end allen wrench, 
  • ER11 collet nut, 
  • Grip bolt, 
  • M4 T slot nuts (x3).

When in stock expect immediate shipment, otherwise please allow 90 days for delivery. We recommend calling us first for current delivery times.

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