ColdCap Lid for 20oz Tumblers

Keeps longnecks COLD and STEADY inside almost any 20oz insulated tumbler.
(Std. 20 oz tumblers have a 3 1/2" opening)

Amazing patented lid enhances beverage enjoyment by holding the bottle steady inside an insulated 20 ounce tumbler as it also holds in the COLD while allowing the bottle to stick out.   

Beer after beer or any long neck beverage kept COLD for hours and hours.

ColdCapLids fit standard 20oz tumblers. Get the larger 30 ounce size here. 


1 - COLDCAP LID ONLY for 20oz Tumblers
(Tumbler not included. Cold-Cap-Lid only)


  1. Insert Bottle into 20oz Tumbler
  2. Test Fit Lid For Proper Fit Around Center Seal.
  3. Remove and Flip Center Rubber Seal For A Tighter or Looser Fit Around Bottle Neck.


*Fits Yeti, Rtic and many other tumbler brands.  
Here is a current list.