MistAway Gen III+ 20 Nozzle Complete Kit

MistAway Gen III+ complete kit with 20 Nozzles and all you need for a typical 20 nozzle installation. Use this TANKLESS MistAway Gen III+ Misting System to kill mosquitoes fleas and ticks like never before.

MistAway Gen III+ Misting System

Quick shipping direct from the factory at NO CHARGE
Free How-To-Video
300 feet of MistAway Misting System Tubing, (10 feet for each nozzle PLUS 100).
20 Nozzles (Space nozzles approx 10 feet apart)
22 Tees, one for each nozzle PLUS TWO EXTRA for branching or later expansion

INCLUDES The NEW FILTRATION SYSTEM New MistAway System FilterRELEASED JULY 21, 2017  This new filter greatly simplifies maintenance.  With this update MistAway is only selling nozzles WITHOUT filters, thus, having this system filter is now required to prevent clogged-nozzles.  No more individual nozzle filters to change!  

1 Hand-held remote transmitter & antenna
1 Reusable insecticide cartridge cap
2 System Keys
1 How-To Video
1 Manual (factory) for operating the system
1 Manual (factory) for system setup
1 FREE Reusable empty one-gallon bottle (doubles refill capacity)
1 FREE  Hose Bib "Y" adapter
2 Elbows
2 Couplings
2 Plugs
1 Tubing Release Tool
1 Tubing Cutter
100 Dynaclamps

Buy Additional MistAway Fittings here if you need a few more

Add your choice of concentrate and have your system operating the same day it arrives!  No more mosquitoes, fleas and ticks so you can enjoy your yard as you wish, NOT running for cover because of painful mosquitoes.

MistAway System's tankless mosquito killing system gives relief from those persistent, painful blood sucking mosquitoes like nothing else. Way better than a mosquito trap -- which are only mildly effective even after running a month!  This system will provide complete relief.   Buy one today! 

This system kills mosquitoes carrying Zika Virus and the other mosquito transmitted diseases.

Good Looking
Automatic Operation
Lockable case

24 daily mist cycles  Only two or three cycles are used most of the time but they are built into the system if you want more.

Settable duration, days of operation, ability to adjust the mix ratio for the water/insecticide, or just use the defaults.

Leak detection is standard.
System indicator light shows when operating, or trouble.
Errors are readable on the display for quick resolution.

Agitation cycles that are automatic so that insecticide remains consistent strength each misting for the entire season.

Buy your 20 Nozzle MistAway Gen III+ Misting System today and it will be on its way within one business day!  Be part of the revolution in taking back your yard!

ONE YEAR factory warranty

Wind Sensor
Second Zone
Antenna Extension

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