1/4" Tubing - White (100' coil)

This is White MistAway tubing for a MistAway misting system nozzle circuit. 

The tubing size is 1/4" O.D. and is a 100' coil. Price is per 100 feet – cut as one continuous length if ordering multiples, up to 500' roll.  It works in all standard MistAway 1/4" nozzle circuits. It may or may not work in competing misting system circuits although this size is most common and typically used in the majority of all misting system circuits.

This is normal size tubing for MistAway nozzle circuits. Larger (3/8) tubing can be used as a trunkline to deliver extra volume and pressure in large misting system installations such as commercial ranching, etc. Ranches and similar often use 3/8" tubing, not this product.