How MistAway Automatic Mosquito Control Works

MistAway systems work quick and automatically by misting your backyard for only a few seconds with a water based pyrethrin mist near dawn and dusk.  It flushes mosquitoes from foliage where they harbor to impair and kill them. It just decimates the mosquito population. Soon after misting, this water based mix degrades from sunlight leaving no residue as with popular back-pack spraying/fogging.

Near dawn and dusk mistings are triggered on schedule by the system and are completed in seconds.  This is when mosquitoes are active but beneficial insects like bees and butterflies are not.  The system can be used everyday, only on certain days, or only when you use the remote control -- it's up to you.

MistAway systems provide the most effective and consistent mosquito control method available anywhere at any price. An easy DIY (do-it-yourself) project too.  Be amazed at the low annual cost and low maintenance! Amazingly effective and fully automatic, it uses a water based concentrate that gets highly diluted.  Choices include all natural, partially natural or synthetic. NO PETROLEUM DISTILLATES (as with back-pack sprayers), NO RESIDUES, NO NOISE, and NO* MOSQUITOES!


Natural pyrethrin and synthetic permethrin are a couple of the least toxic insecticides to mammals and are found in many home-use spray insecticides sold in supermarkets. They are also found in flea dip for pets and hair products used to rid lice in adults or school children. The USDA has approved the use of pyrethrin sprays for fruits and vegetables, like delicate tomatoes, to protect them from bug infestation during shipping.  It's still prudent to use common sense and avoid frequent direct contact with the mist.  

No problems with fading effectiveness or foul weather either as with other treatments.  With a MistAway system you won't miss a single day outdoors. Same consistent mosquito control, day after day, all season long, no fade, no surprises. Those back-pack treatments work by leaving a petroleum based residue on everything. Soon they wear off or even wash off from a rain.  For days you'll need to avoid going outside until your yard is re-treated (you'll pay them more too.)  

MistAway systems mist your yard from small "slimline nozzles" strategically placed around it's perimeter.  Nozzles may be attached to just about anything sturdy, including fencing, trees, structures etc. In areas without something solid as in flower or mulch beds use a "riser" which are stand-alone nozzles that stick into the ground, often used in yards without fencing.  Risers are a very popular choice (see photo below.)

MistAway System Operation

When a misting cycle is triggered the mist floats down and blankets the yard, decimating the mosquito population.  This system is so effective it is hard to believe.  Will you still have an occasional mosquito?  Maybe, but it's rare.  If you find you still have a little trouble, The Gen 3 Plus lets you simply turn up the system.  More likely, are the mosquitoes totally gone?  Back it down.  You'll find the minimum setting required, saving you money while still eliminating the mosquito problem!

Because the system so easily expands later, it is not uncommon for people to begin with a smaller kit to do the patio or pool area then expand later when their budget allows.  Once you experience the comfort you'll want to protect your entire yard!

As far as installation goes, all connections are push-to-connect.  It's so easy.  We include a free installation video and free shipping with every system too.

Annual cost of insecticide depends on the size of your installation, length of mosquito season for your region and how often you mist. Minnesota and Florida are both plagued with awful mosquitoes but their mosquito seasons are totally different.  Call us and we will give you accurate numbers for where you live.

These are the system of choice for the most heavily mosquito infested and mosquito infected areas of the country.  But your mosquito problem does't have to be in the Guinness Book, it will undoubtedly work for your yard too.  Even though there is an initial equipment cost, the annual expense is so low it will only be a couple seasons and you'll be saving tons of money over traditional mosquito control methods while enjoying considerably more consistent, effective and dependable mosquito control.  

With all these new diseases including West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, and the reintroduction of malaria -- mosquito control is fast becoming MORE than a comfort issue.  We are intent on helping people the best we know how, so feel free to call, send a sketch, send some snapshots, or all of the above, we'll gladly suggest nozzle locations.  Let us know, we'll help guide you... 

Thank you for your interest!

How to install your system.