Differences between the MistAway Models Gen 1.3 and Gen III+ (Gen-3-Plus)

What are the differences between the MistAway Models Gen 1.3 and Gen III+


Gen 1.3
Gen III+ (Gen 3-Plus)
Siphon Protection YES YES
Programable Pre-Mist Agitation YES YES
Programable Daily Full Agitation YES YES
Mist Days Selection Remote Only, Everyday or Specific Days Remote Only, Everyday or Specific Days
Mist Events  Up To 24 Per Day Up To 24 Per Day 
Mist Duration
by Each Misting Event
by Each Misting Event
Hand Held Remote YES YES
Leak Protection Optional Upgrade YES
Water-Only Operation Only Between Re-Fills Anytime*
Adjust the
Mix Ratio
Only Between Re-Fills
Double Refill
(thus time between refills)
Attractive  NO YES
iMist Ready NO** YES
Weather Protection Soft Cover Aluminum Cabinet
Max Nozzles^ 60-70 Per Zone
60-70 Per Zone
Second Zone
Optional Upgrade
Optional Upgrade
Optional Upgrade
Optional Upgrade
Antenna Extension
Optional Upgrade
Optional Upgrade


* The Gen 3 has a small batch tank inside. When operated in water only mode (Inspection Cycle) only fresh water is added to the batch tank. Typically the batch tank already has mixture made-up for the next mist, therefore during the inspection cycle nozzles will mist closer to pure water as the Inspection Cycle continues to run, but not at the start of the inspection cycle. 

** To get an iMist Ready Gen 1.3 just add leak protection to your cart along with your system order -- and we will upgrade your Gen 1.3 to the iMist Ready version.

^Strictly speaking the actual maximum nozzle count per zone will vary from installation to installation depending on several factors like corners, ups, downs, distance between nozzles and more. To be sure the weakest nozzle will be within the 200-250 psi target pressure plan 60 to 65 nozzles. Perfect conditions will allow up to about 70 nozzles.