About Us and the Automatic Mosquito Control Website

Thank you for taking the time to find out who we are.  

Here is a little information about us at Automatic Mosquito Control:

  • Our company name is Greenville Mosquito Inc. but our website name is Automatic Mosquito Control. 
  • We are an authorized MistAway Dealer and our specialty is serving the DIY (do-it-yourself) market over the Internet.  We also install and service these systems locally.  
  • We sell these systems anywhere in the United States for the DIY market except New York where mosquito misting is illegal (as are big soda drinks etc. / Don't complain to us, we didn't write the laws in N.Y.)
  • The reason we sell MistAway products is because MistAway is the market leader due to their effectiveness, smart money saving features, and conveniences not found in other systems.  They are the best in effectiveness, reliability, and ease of operation, period.  Minimal maintenance, easy installation and "refills-in-a-snap" are more reasons to choose MistAway. 
  • Located in Greenville South Carolina, we sell systems from Hawaii to The Bahamas, from Minnesota to Mexico -- even Majorca Spain, and Puerto Rico.
  • We started operation in late 2010 as a full service company but soon realized MistAway mosquito misters are the perfect do-it-yourself (DIY) product.  So we began to thinking how to approach the DIY market segment.
  • First selling online in early 2013 via the Automatic Mosquito Control website, it has evolved into a world-class online experience equal to the best anywhere.  We ship fast, same or next business day.  Yet we still maintain the personality of a mom & pop business, which is truly what we are.
  • When you call us you get the owner or his wife on the phone to answer your questions.  We like it that way.  We do our best to see that every call is answered by a human.  If we can't pick up in time, leave a message, we will call you back ASAP.  
  • Some people have questions about product, installation or maintenance so we talk with them and help with recommendations from our experience. Often people call after the system is operational and tell us how happy they've been with their MistAway system or refer a friend.  One can hear their satisfaction -- we love those calls.
  • Feel free to contact us (unless you are soliciting, then don't.)
  • We don't want to be the next Walmart, we just want to help others experience the comfort and enjoyment of a mosquito free yard like we enjoy and receive a fair living from our efforts.  Call us, tell us what you think.
  • We don't have the advertising budget of the "big-boys" so any likes and shares would be appreciated!  Facebook

    We hope to hear from you, tell us how to improve the Automatic Mosquito Control site!