iMist Annual Subscription (All Models)

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New gateways enjoy free subscription from date of purchase through December 31st of the then current year -- thereafter annual subscriptions are the responsibility of the customer.

Customers should purchase their subscription in December for the coming year.  No contracts, disconnect anytime.*

This subscription RENEWAL covers all current models of iMist Gateways.** 
Current iMist customers that transfer their service from another dealer may enjoy a half year price if it is the second half of the year upon their first sign-up with us, other than this half-year exception there are no prorations or refunds available.  Subscription purchases are final. 

Backend servers are the backbone of the iMist service and this subscription allows connectivity between your system, the backend, and your smartphone. The backend servers store and make available your system data and provide for commands to be executed back through the internet to your system when instructed by your smartphone. 

Buy this for subscription RENEWAL prior to January 25 to avoid disconnection and a subsequent re-connection fee if service is still desired. Failure to renew by January 25 will cause automatic disconnection. Re-connection incurs a $40 extra charge in addition to the standard subscription and will be required prior to re-connection.


  • iMist connection expired for non-payment or dropped for any reason and service is once again desired: subscription & re-connection fees required.
  • Subscription proration is not available to us therefore we are unable to offer prorated subscriptions.

 *Drop service anytime, however dropping service or failure to renew service results in disconnection. For reconnection a reconnect charge along with the then current service fee would be required. 

**As of May 31, 2019 first version (2015) gateways are depreciated and are no longer serviceable.