3/8" Tubing - Black



MistAway 3/8" Tubing, (Black Only, colors not available)

  • Use when transiting beyond 25' without nozzles.
  • Use for water supply to the Gen III+ (only 25ft. is used for this purpose.)
  • Use as a trunk line (without nozzles) in large installations.

NOTE: This tubing is  NOT used with normal MistAway nozzle circuits,  use our 1/4" tubing instead.  Tubing is measured by O.D. (outside diameter). 

To step up 1/4" tubing up to 3/8" tubing requires one 3/8" coupling and one 3/8 x 1/4 reducer for EACH END of a 3/8" run. 

If you wish to build a nozzle circuit using only 3/8 tubing the "SLIMLINE BIG-TUBE TEE-NOZZLE" and 3/8" fittings will fit this tubing.  

Call us if you have questions.