MistAway Gen 1.3 Additional Zone

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MistAway Gen 1.3 Additional Zone kit for the MistAway Gen 1.3,  55 gal. DRUM SYSTEM

Do it yourself zone kit when installing more than 65-70 nozzles. You can double the nozzles your MistAway® Gen 1.3 mosquito control system will support with this additional zone kit which allows for TWO misting zones of 65-70 nozzles each. Circuit layout is important after about 35 nozzles so please read HOW TO INSTALL A MISTAWAY SYSTEM -PART 2 if you need some information on this.

If you need more than 65 to 70 nozzles, then use this additional zone option.

Possible operating modes:
Zone 1 ON, Zone 2 ON
Zone 1 OFF, Zone 2 ON
Zone 1 ON, Zone 2 OFF
Zone 1 and Zone 2 slave to the same misting schedule and may not be programmed to different schedules.

Sold either individually or together with a system at time of the system order.

If sold separate from a system order -- it is a Special Order item -- No Returns.  Allow an extra 3-14 days to ship.  "I need it FAST" option click here.