80 Slimline Nozzles Installation Kit

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The 80 Slimline Nozzles Installation Kit has the items you need, except the misting system, to to install a 80 nozzle circuit onto typical structures such as a fences or buildings.  

Items Included:

INCLUDES Second ZONE KIT - specify Gen 1.3 (55 gal drum) OR Gen III+ (tankless) above in price box 
80 MistAway Nozzles
88 MistAway Tees
8 MistAway elbows
8 MistAway couplings
8 MistAway plugs
900 feet of MistAway tubing (black unless we hear from you: options are black, white, cocoa, tan, and gray)
300 Dynaclamps
3 MistAway tubing cutters (cutters seem to stay sharp for about 30-40 nozzles)
1 MistAway tubing release tool
1 MistAway Nozzle Pressure Tester

This kit does NOT include a MistAway misting system or concentrate. You must add either a tankless MistAway Gen III+ or the MistAway Gen 1.3 drum model to complete your installation. Add your choice of concentrate and you'll be killing mosquitoes, fleas and ticks like magic!  

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