60 Risers Installation Kit


The 60 Risers Installation Kit is great for an all riser installation.  It can't get any easier than this.  Buy the misting system, add this 60 riser kit and put these riser type nozzles into mulch, flower beds or ground areas when you want an easy install or have no structure to attach regular nozzles.

Risers include the fittings and other pieces to make up a 15" or 30" free standing riser either 15 inches or 30 inches tall.  The parts are high quality, interchangable and snap together for immediate installation.  

Items Included:

60 MistAway Risers 
6 MistAway Tees
6 MistAway couplings
5 MistAway plugs
600 feet of MistAway tubing
2 MistAway tubing cutters
1 MistAway tubing release tool
1 Nozzle Pressure Tester

A MistAway misting system and concentrate is not included in this item so just add a MistAway Gen 3 or a MistAway drum model either 55 gallon or 125 gallon drum Gen 1.3 as your needs dictate.  Kill mosquitoes, fleas and ticks immediately on your first misting cycle!  You'll never be without a MistAway ever again.

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