50 Risers Installation Kit

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Buy this DIY MistAway 50 Risers Installation Kit for all the items typically needed for putting in 50 MistAway riser type nozzles into ground areas where there is nothing else to attach a regular nozzle such as in mulch and flower beds.

MistAway Risers include a nozzle (slimline type) plus a coupling, copper riser tube (choose either 15" or 30" tall), a tee and the stake. The parts quickly snap together and each component is replaceable. Example: replace 15" copper tubes later with 30" tubes when foliage grows.  

Items Included:

50 MistAway Risers 
5 MistAway Tees
5 MistAway couplings
5 MistAway plugs
600 feet of MistAway tubing
2 MistAway tubing cutters
1 MistAway tubing release tool
1 Nozzle Pressure Tester

Buy the DIY MistAway Gen 3 tankless system or buy the MistAway Gen 1.3 drum model to complete your setup.  Choose your choice of MistAway approved misting system insecticide and start enjoying life without all those mosquitoes, fleas and ticks!  

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