100 Nozzles Installation Kit

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The 100 Slimline Nozzles Installation Kit also includes a simple to attach second zone solenoid for your system.  The nozzle kit has the fittings, nozzles, tubing and tools -- but not the misting system for a 100 nozzle installation onto most any type of structure like fences or buildings.  ASAP after ordering please call to confirm your MistAway system type so we send the correct second zone kit.  

Items Included:

INCLUDES Second ZONE KIT - specify Gen 1.3 (55 gal drum) OR Gen III+ (tankless) above in price box 
100 MistAway Nozzles
110 MistAway Tees
10 MistAway elbows
10 MistAway couplings
10 MistAway plugs
1,100 feet of MistAway tubing (black unless we hear from you: options are black, white, cocoa, tan, and gray)
300 Dynaclamps
3 MistAway tubing cutters (cutters seem to stay sharp for about 30-40 nozzles)
1 MistAway tubing release tool
1 MistAway Nozzle Pressure Tester

This kit does NOT include a MistAway misting system or concentrate. You must add either a tankless MistAway Gen III+ or the MistAway Gen 1.3 drum model to complete your installation. Add your choice of approved concentrate and you'll be killing mosquitoes, fleas and ticks like magic!  

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