40 Nozzles Installation Kit

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If you've already got a misting system or plan on buying it separate this 40 Slimline Nozzles Installation Kit has the nozzles, tools, fittings and tubing you need to install a typical 40 nozzle circuit. It is suited best if attaching the nozzles to just about any type of structure such as trees, a fence or building etc.  If you don't have anything to attach the nozzles, buy the Riser Kit instead.  

Items in this nozzle kit Include:

40 MistAway Slimline Nozzles
44 MistAway Tees
4 MistAway elbows
4 MistAway couplings
4 MistAway plugs
500 feet of MistAway tubing (black unless we hear from you: options are black, white, cocoa, tan, and gray)
100 Dynaclamps
1 MistAway tubing cutter
1 MistAway tubing release tool

The MistAway misting system and your choice of concentrate are not included in this kit. You must add either a MistAway Gen III+ or the MistAway Gen 1.3 drum system for a complete installation.

Complete tankless mosquito misting kits, sans insecticide, can be found here.  If you'd rather see the 55 gallon drum style system kits they are listed on the Gen 1.3 page.

A complete list of MistAway approved misting system insecticide can be found on MistAway's site but they advocate using either Sector or Riptide (by the MGK company) as the insecticide of choice.  Obtain a MistAway system of your choice and buy this kit and it won't be long before you'll be killing mosquitoes, fleas and ticks and enjoying your yard like never before!

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