Part for MistAway - Ball Valve w/ 1/4" connectors

MistAway Ball Valve with 1/4" connectors

Shut off an area misting is not always desired, for example a tennis court or other area. 

These are EXCELLENT as a troubleshooting aid.  Easily split a section of nozzles off during troubleshooting a leak situation.  If you split off a section of nozzles and the system still trips an Error 3 (Leak) you know it is in the section still operating.  Likewise if the leak is gone you know it is in the section currently turned off.

REMEMBER if you change the operating nozzle count:

  1. Change the nozzle count in the controller so the system knows how many operating nozzles for its leak calculation.
  2. Monitor system pressure if you substantially change the functioning nozzle count. 

sold individually

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