MistAway Fittings

Authentic MistAway fittings for DIY (do-it-yourself) installation, expand or repair of your MistAway mosquito misting nozzle circuit. These are the same fitting used by pro installers and are all push-to-connect.

To Connect:
Insert the tubing into the fitting with some authority.  Press in firm enough to ensure tubing goes completely into the fitting. 

To Release:
Press tubing in TOWARD and INTO the fitting to collapse collar. With collar still against fitting, hold it there with the Tubing Release Tool and remove tubing.  A tubing release tool is included in all our system kits and they are also sold separately.

Leaks are only because the tubing is not fully inserted into the fitting.  Simply press the tubing further into the fitting.
Tubing ends should be clean, cut straight, and round -- not smashed or egg shaped from a dull cutter.