MistAway Pressure Testing Gauge

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MistAway Pressure Testing Gauge.

Not always needed. If your tubing circuit is less than 35 nozzles you should not need this gauge.  

Using this gauge is a great way to know if your nozzle circuit has the 200-250psi recommended pressure for optimum misting plumes from the nozzles.  If your circuit is over 35 nozzles and has branches and/or loops this gauge is a great way to determine if there is adequate nozzle pressure for the most effective misting plume.  By checking nozzle pressures with this gauge you know exactly what pressure is available at the nozzle. 

Nozzles in the circuit should have a minimum of 200psi for the best and most effective mist plume.  Back at the system unit the pump (read on the built-in system unit gauge) should be set to a maximum of 250psi.  Setting the system above 250 psi will void the warranty and wear out the pump prematurely.

To use the gauge, simply replace a nozzle with the gauge and cycle the system to pressurize the circuit to read the pressure on the gauge.