Replacement MistAway Remote Transmitter SECOND GENERATION SKU:15180

Replacement MistAway 2nd Gen Remote Transmitter with a white/beige face.
Ships with MistAway "iMist2 ready" automatic mosquito control misting systems.
WILL NOT WORK ON OLDER MISTAWAY SYSTEMS! -- Buy the "Original" remote here.

(call us if unsure)

This is the 2017 "advanced" remote that only works with machines that are iMist2 capable. Longer range and signal feedback with a cream colored face distinguish this newer technology remote.
This is for replacement only on iMist2-ready Gen 1.3 or Gen III+ units sold after mid-July, 2017. These units are equipped with a beige (white) colored  iMist2-ready receiver. 

Do not use this remote to replace of the first generation automatic mosquito control handheld misting systems black faced remote transmitter. It will not work.   
MistAway Hand-Held Remote Transmitter replacement part.


Gen III+ Compatible with systems shipped AFTER mid-July 2017. If your Gen III+ system shipped EARLIER than this it has a BLACK colored receiver then buy the "ORIGINAL" remote instead.
Gen III (none)
Gen II (none)
Gen 1.3 If your receiver is CREAM (WHITE/BEIGE) colored (located under the plastic shroud) this is the correct hand-held remote transmitter. If your system has a black colored receiver buy this "ORIGINAL" remote instead
Gen 1.2 (none)

Electronic parts are not returnable so be certain prior to ordering -- if you have questions call us.


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