Controller Faceplate with Buttons - sku:21050

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MistAway Repair Part - Controller Faceplate with Buttons fits both Gen 1.3 AND Gen III+ system controllers.

Rare but possible: internal clock still showing correct time however buttons stop working on your controller.  In such cases use this "MistAway Controller Faceplate with Buttons" to replace the buttons on your MistAway controller. A correct clock isn't a guarantee the controller is good but in most instances replacing the faceplate will solve the problem.  Electronic items including this faceplate are not returnable so purchasing is a bit of a gamble.

If the clock isn't working and the buttons do not work then consider replacing the whole controller.

This is an electronic part and therefore it can not be returned. Be certain you want to buy this part prior to ordering.

Directions for replacing the MistAway Controller Faceplate here.