MistAway Gen III+ Additional Zone

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MistAway Gen III+ Additional Zone Option:  Double the nozzle capacity your MistAway® Gen III+ mosquito control system using this additional zone kit. If you need more than about* 65 nozzles, then buy the MistAway Gen III+ Additional Zone option to split your circuit into two independent circuits.  First one zone will mist, then the other raising the maximum nozzle count to about* 130.


  • Enables your MistAway system to mist through two nozzle circuits one at a time in sequence. This effectively doubles the maximum number of nozzles the system can support. For a max nozzle count see "HOW TO INSTALL A MISTAWAY SYSTEM -PART 2",  then scroll down to see Guideline #6
  • Both zones may be set to the same mist schedule or to different schedules.
  • The remote control may be set to only operate one of the zones or both.
  • The Additional Zone kit for Gen III+ tankless systems is very easy to install and comes with easy to read instructions (English)

The DIY (do it yourself) MistAway Gen III+ Additional Zone Kit for your system will be able to support TWO misting zones of about* 65 nozzles each thus bringing total nozzles supported by one system to about 130. Beyond 35 nozzles circuit layout is important to maintain proper nozzle pressure, so please call us if you have questions.

Sold either individually or together with a system at time of the system order. 

*Every nozzle circuit is different. There is no hard max number.  Using 65 nozzles max per zone with a two zone maximum of about 130 nozzles is reasonable. People often get a few more (5-10) in their circuit but this requires taking pressure readings after installation to be sure nozzles are getting near 200 psi or better.  Ensuring near 200 psi at the nozzles provides proper misting plumes with optimum droplet size and therefore optimum float.