MistAway DIY Gen 1.3 Complete 30 Nozzle Kit

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MistAway Gen 1.3 Misting System 30 Nozzle Kit


MistAway 30 Nozzle Gen 1.3 Misting System

TAKE BACK YOUR YARD!  This is the workhorse of the industry, the reason EVERYONE wants a misting system. 

Help End Mosquito Borne Diseases!

This is the one that set the standard, the one competitors copy. Buy one now, and it ships quick, same or next business day!  

"WE INCLUDE The New MistAway Nozzle Circuit Filter RELEASED JULY 21, 2017 because MistAway no longer includes filters inside their nozzles.  Having this system filter is now required to prevent clogged nozzles -- that’s why we include it in our kits. Not only is this a great value for our customers but this new filter greatly simplifies maintenance by placing one large, more efficient, central filter at the system unit instead of having individual filters in each nozzle tip.  No more individual nozzle filters to change!"
This Kit Includes:

- MistAway Gen 1.3 misting system with the easy to use controller
- The New  Nozzle Circuit Filter
- FREE SHIPPING   -- Same/Next business day
- 1 Hand-held remote
- 30 Nozzles
- 33 Tees (1 for each nozzle +3 for branching or expanding later)
-   3 Elbows
-   3 Couplings
-   3 Plugs
-   1 Tubing Release Tool  
-   1 Tube Cutter
- 400 Ft of Tubing
- 100 Dynaclamps

Buy additional nozzles here

Need some additional fittings? Find plugs, elbows, tees and couplings here

As an Authorized MistAway Dealer, you get a full ONE YEAR WARRANTY 


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