iMIST READY Gen 1.3 Complete 50 Nozzle Kit


ALL Our "iMist2" Ready Gen 1.3 Kits Include leak protection and the new stronger "advanced" remote as well as the tubing, fittings, nozzles, clamps, tools for a typical iMist2 Ready Gen 1.3 system installation.  With the addition of a Gateway this iMist2 system can be controlled using your smartphone. 

About this Gen 1.3 Complete iMist2 Kit:
- iMist2 Ready systems include LEAK PROTECTION
- iMist2 Ready systems include the new advanced and stronger Remote
- both of the above two features work with or without the Gateway which can be added now, later, or never if you don't need internet accessibility. 
- HOW-TO FREE DVD as well as free online tech self-help
-  50 Nozzles
-  55 Tees (1 for each nozzle, plus 5)
-    5 Couplings
-    5 Elbows 
-    5 Plugs
-    1 Tubing Release Tool  
-    2 Tube Cutters
-    1 Nozzle Circuit Filter, including filter element ($70 value)
- Free How-To DVD
- 200 Dynaclamps, they speed up installation because clamp screws are already started, to assist in getting your system up quick!   Perfect for fencing, structures, trees, etc.
- 600 ft of Tubing
- 1 Hand-held remote transmitter & antenna (the new advanced & stronger one)
- add your choice of concentrate here 

"IN ALL OUR SYSTEM KITS WE ALSO INCLUDE The New MistAway Nozzle Circuit Filter RELEASED JULY 21, 2017 because MistAway no longer ships nozzles with Tip Filters.  Filtration prevents replacing clogged nozzles!
Not only is including the new Nozzle Circuit Filter a great value for our customers -- but this new filter greatly simplifies and speeds up nozzle maintenance. A single large, efficient, entire circuit filter is now at the system, instead of having individual filters in each nozzle tip.  No more individual nozzle filters to change! Filter changes just went from several hours to several minutes!"

Why buy from us?
We ship same/next day for free
We are one of MistAway's largest authorized dealers
The ONE YEAR factory warranty is good through us
We ship you the latest (improved) nozzles
We provide you with online tech info & video through MistAway's site
We give you our HOW-TO (DIY) FREE DVD
The included Dynaclamps speed up installation.  These clamps already have screws started, so you'll have your system running really quick!   Attach to wood fencing, structures, trees, etc.

More about this Gen 1.3 Complete Kit:

All our MistAway DIY Gen 1.3 units we sell have the automatic agitation feature!
The Gen 1.3 systems can be purchased without the agitation sub-system BUT NOT FROM US.  Keeping your solution consistent day after day is very important to be able to have your system maintain effectiveness the same all season long. So we ONLY SELL it WITH the factory installed AGITATION EQUIPMENT so your solution stays consistent day after day, week after week.   Yes, agitation very important.

Authorized MistAway Dealer, ONE YEAR WARRANTY.  


Add a couple more nozzles HERE

Add MistAway Elbows, & Couplings if your installation calls for them

All MistAway Gen 1.3 iMist2 misting systems have:
- Siphon protection prevents losing 55 gallon drum's contents from a siphon 
- LEAK PROTECTION prevents operation with a leak in circuit 
- Built-in antenna (for remote control reception)
- Hand held remote (the NEW stronger one) with "Mist Now", "Stop Mist", and "Skip Next Mist" options.  It's the recently released much LONGER RANGE remote! MistAway’s testing proved a 70% greater range! It gets better! The new remote has a response-light so you know your request was received. A light on the handheld transmitter lights up after a button is pressed to let the user know the unit received the remote signal. No more pressing the remote over and over until nozzles begin misting!
- Lockable controller housing provides security and aids in protecting the controller
- Soft cover for weather protection
- Sturdy 1/2 hp system motor
- Heavy duty pump made of brass NOT plastic or composites
- Easily adjusts misting duration for each individual misting
- Selectable "every day" operation OR custom by particular day(s) of week
- Bar graph insecticide quantity indicator is easy to read

Adding a couple riser-nozzles to mulch or flower beds is easy.  Order some here free standing risers


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