iMist Ready Gen 1.3 with Agitator (55 gal)


iMist2 Ready Gen 1.3 with Agitator (55 gal)


  • As an iMist2 ready MistAway Gen 1.3 misting system, simply adding a Gateway gets the system onto the Internet to monitor or control it with a smartphone. 
    - iMist2 Ready systems include LEAK PROTECTION
    - Includes the new advanced and stronger Remote
    - The adding of a Gateway can be now, later, or never -- you still get the above two features that operate with or without a Gateway.
  • Leak detection feature is INCLUDED with this one, but not in the standard Gen 1.3
  • The new advanced remote also has a system feedback response light so you know the system received your command  
  • Custom designed digital controller exclusively for automated outdoor insect control
  • Up to 24 daily mist cycles available, Independent mist duration for each cycle, Specific misting days can be programmed, Agitation before every mist cycle, and includes hand-held remote control activation
  • Error codes to facilitate troubleshooting
  • Wireless remote allows user to Mist, Stop Mist, and Skip Next Mist
  • Anti-Siphoning solenoid
  • Pressure indicator
  • Programmable tank level indicator
  • Lockable control panel
  • Raised chassis mounts to multi-sized reservoirs
  • Weatherproof cover included - custom fit
  • Optional Gateway to connect this system with the Internet
  • Optional Year 2 and beyond -- Internet gateway subscription 
  • Optional Zoning for larger installations doubles the nozzle capacity
  • Optional Wind sensor - programmable

MistAway’s Drum Based system utilizes a state-of-the-art control panel designed especially for automatic insect control. The engineered agitator allows for a consistent blend with each mist.

The auto drain valve insures the nozzles open and close instantly, eliminating dripping and streaming.

The raised chassis mounts to multi-sized reservoirs. The large optional 125 gallon tank reduces refill frequency.

BUYER BEWARE: All MistAway Gen 1.3 systems found on the Internet ARE NOT EQUAL!  Stripped down versions are out there WITHOUT the very important agitation feature.  Also be sure to only compare this unit to other "iMist Ready" systems. These "iMist Ready" Gen 1.3 systems include additional hardware over standard Gen 1.3 units -- including leak detection, an advance hand-held remote and the iMist2 transceiver. 

This system supports iMist2, so you can control and monitor your system with your smartphone!  To take advantage of iMist2, YOU'LL NEED THREE THINGS:

  1. Add an Internet Gateway*.  The Gateway plugs into an open port on your router or switch (hub.)  Once you receive your order let us know.  We need some unique information off your system to complete the Internet connection.
  2. iMist2 misting systems communicate with the Gateway wirelessly. 
  3. A subscription until the end of the current year is included with the purchase of a gateway, beyond December is an additional cost. 

    Your misting system communicates wirelessly with the Gateway.  The Gateway communicates with the Internet.  You control your misting system with your smartphone!

Advantages of "iMist2 Ready" Gen 1.3 Systems

  1. MONITOR AND CONTROL your misting system with your smartphone (iPhone and Android) with a subscribed gateway.
  2. LEAK PROTECTION! If your nozzle circuit develops a leak, it will STOP the system as soon as the leak is detected. This feature could pay for itself with just one leak.  Leak protection is INCLUDED with this unit, only offered as an option on standard Gen 1.3 systems.
  3. ADVANCED HAND-HELD REMOTE!  The remote included with iMist2 ready systems provide feedback when a button is pushed -- this lets you know if the misting system received the command.  The advanced hand-held remote is INCLUDED with this kit, but not offered at all on standard Gen 1.3 systems.
  4. ADD THE INTERNET CONNECTION NOW OR LATER.  It's your decision.  Your misting system will have the equipment it needs if later you add the Gateway.

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